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We are an architecture & engineering practice based in Bucharest, Romania. Our services are taylored to the construction quality system that Romanian Code imposes: Design-Bid-Build.

15 Years Experience Architecture & Engineering Practice in Bucharest, Romania

About Us

We have over 15 years of meaningful experience in design, both in architecture and structural engineering. Only a few design companies in Romania integrated architecture & engineering design, most of them being either just architects or engineers.

Architect + Engineer

The first steps of any project are highly important on the future development. A good collaboration between architects and the structural engineers in the beginning is the key to obtain the symbiosis of the architecture and structure of building. We are one of the few architecture and engineering company in Romania.

Octavian Ungureanu
Octavian UngureanuArchitect
The co-founder of Trilitica Frame Invest. Octavian leads the Architecture Department and blogs on Octavian-Ungureanu.Ro
Șerban Median
Șerban MedianStructural Engineer
Co-Founder of Trilitica Frame Invest. He is project verifier and specialist in historical monuments rehabilitation. Șerban leads the structural engineering department of the company.

Our Architecture & Engineering Projects:

Architectural and Engineering Design Services

Architecture & Engineering Services:

  • Programming & Site Selection

  • Concept and Schematic design +Feasibility Study

  • Architectural, Structural and Mechanical Design. We provide Techincal Projects + Details and Specifications, according Romanian codes.

  • Bidding Documents. We also organize online bidding procedures, providing technical support during Q&A sessions. We analyze and compare offers.

  • Site Technical Assistance: Determinant Phases Assistance & Builder Assitance during construction time.

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